Genuine Parts

At CIC Group, we only sell and fit genuine parts and accessories from Mercedes-Benz and Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA). We ensure high levels of parts availability via our warehouse distribution network and storage areas which hold more than 69.000 unique parts.

Why use Genuine Parts?

Genuine Parts are specially developed and optimally adapted to your vehicle’s other components. They are continually adapted to the latest vehicle technology and are put through the strictest tests offering exceptional quality and a long service life. Using Genuine Parts you are guaranteed that they fit your vehicle and offer all the benefits mentioned above. All parts carry a 24-month manufacturer warranty.

Collection & Accessories


Accessories can not only add additional style to your vehicle but also additional functionality. Explore the variety of genuine parts and accessories for your vehicle following the links below.

All genuine accessories come with a 24-month warranty.


Whether it is a present or a personal accessory we have all your needs regarding collection items. Discover the latest catalogues from the links below.

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