Welcome to the CiC Aftersales Services. Our highly trained and professional Service team promises to offer high quality service for every type of represented vehicle, be it a passenger car, van truck or bus. Together with the support of the Manufacturers technical departments you can rest assured you are in the Either a simple maintenance job or even a full vehicle restoration, can be undertaken with success by the expert hands of our experienced and well-educated technicians.

Services offered

A large variety of Services can be offered at our workshops, according to your needs: Maintenance work, manufacturer’s Service measures or recalls, repairs on all vehicle systems and sub-systems, engine overhauls, automatic and manual transmissions overhauls, differential overhauls, complex electrical and electronic diagnostic work and repair, upholstery work, wheel balancing and axle geometry measurements, brake test, shock absorber tests, accident body repairs according to the strict manufacturer’s guidelines, paintwork with approved paint systems, or even total vehicle restoration can be undertaken from our experienced workshops.

Workmanship guarantee

Of course, it goes without saying that every job carried out is offered according to the manufacturer’s warranty and Goodwill regulations.

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